7701 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20012

Why I am a Member of TI

Quotes from TI Members, as to why they are a membe

Warm, close community

The Hebrew School

My children love the tot shabbat services

Participatory services

TI feels like a home

There are so many interesting and compelling programs & Adult education opportunities

TI’s spiritual leadership

Friends at lunches

People help each other - it’s a community!

Great balance of rabbinical and community leadership and participation

TI’s educational opportunities, particularly for our children

I love the shabbat kiddush

So many interesting people - the congregants are so engaging

I really like the members and want to spend time with them

The people who belong to TI are remarkable

The Rabbi makes you think and re-think

TI is the warmest and most welcoming congregation we’ve ever been members of anywhere!

My wife loves the community and the people here

Nowhere else will you find a better group of people under one roof

People willing to learn

Awesome retreat

Best fit for my family

The TI community has given me incredible support during my family health crisis

The TI community is an important part of my life

Nearly everyone in the community plays an active role in the congregation

TI offers me and my family so much

TI’s sense of community

I love the myriad opportunities for leadership