7701 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20012

Who We Are - What The TI Community Offers You


TI Photo MontageTwenty Eight Attributes of TI

We Offer You

  • Congregants, both men and women, leading the chanting, as we have chosen to participate rather than hire a cantor
  • A harmonious venue to learn new Jewish tunes
  • Friendly members, no strangers
  • Special prices for first-time worshippers at High Holiday services
  • Shabbats for Tots
  • Neighborhood Havdalahs at members' homes offer an opportunity for people to get together for a potluck dinner and Havdalah
  • Teen services - post Bar and Bat Mitzvah teens are given the opportunity to shine, and lead Shabbat morning services
  • A Rabbi who knows everyone's name
  • A caring community of helping hands when you need solace and sustenance
  • Mentors who are pleased to sit with you during services and assist you in finding the right page in the siddur, or help you with pronunciations or tunes. What more can you ask for?
  • An excellent religious school
  • Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes
  • A "Bike to Shul" group
  • Machar, Bonim, Kadima, and USY programs for children and teens
  • Shmoozing at our weekly Kiddush luncheons after Shabbat services
  • Local and international social-action projects.
  • A Judaic library with both scholarly and more general selections
  • A "Green" Committee committed to synagogue-wide environmentally friendly practices.
  • A cooking and baking group of TI men and women who prepare a special meal for the monthly Birthday-Anniversary Kiddush
  • Children in the sanctuary and in monthly Family, Tot Shabbat and Carlebach Services (as well as at Shultime, K'tongregation, Junior Congregation)
  • An American Sign Language interpreter throughout the year at Shabbat morning services, and for the High Holidays
  • A monthly, practice speaking Hebrew or dovrei Ivrit table at our weekly Kiddush luncheons
  • Classes in Torah, Hebrew, and other subjects led by our Rabbi and by congregants
  • A triple opportunity - support Ugandan Jews in their struggle to receive "Fair Trade" prices on the world market - buy the coffee produced by a cooperative of 400 coffee farmers organized by Abayudaya Jews - and savor the coffee
  • An annual retreat held at a rustic, rural conference center - just right for learning, relaxing, enjoying the Saturday night skits, and lest we forget, eating!
  • Access in the summer to locally grown, organic produce - through a CSA.
  • A Rabbi who loves to bake and to teach others how to bake challah, ruggelach, and babka.
  • An opportunity for adults and teens to learn tzedakah first hand - teach neighborhood children attending the local Shepherd Park Elementary School in our tutoring project, or feed D.C. homeless on the Luther Place sandwich-and-soup van run