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Caelndar, your Smartphone and What is RSS?

RSS, ICal Feeds

RSS Feed  Calendar RSS ICal Feed

RSS Feed Logo  Calendar Category RSS ICal Feeds

Specific calendar category feeds, click on the "Subscribe: ICal / RSS" link on the calendar
and follow the "Help" Instructions (the "Subscribe" link is beneath the name of the month).


Reminders; Calendar and Smartphone Import; IPhone App

Import From Calendar Into your IPhone, Blackberry, Palm, or Outlook

Click the "Help" link on the calendar, click on 'Help Contens', and then click on "Exporting Events."

Send Yourself An Event Email Reminder

Click on the calendar event that you want a reminder for, and then click on "Set Reminder."

IPhone / ITouch Calendar App

Bring up the calendar on your IPhone and then choose CalendarWiz Mobile Viewer.

Ti Calendar - www.calendarwiz.com/tiferethcal


What is RSS?

RSS is a format used on the web to distribute and share many types of data, such
as news headlines, articles, blog postings, podcasts, updates to web sites, book
reviews, and lectures to name a few.

One subscribes to and downloads an "RSS feed" which contains the data you want
to read. Browsers themselves, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer can subscribe to,
and display RSS feeds. Yahoo! users can add RSS feeds to their My Yahoo! page,
while Google users can add RSS feeds to their iGoogle home page. One can also
use a dedicated RSS reader, such as Google Reader.