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Guidelines for Submitting Photos to the Menorah

First, please note that these are just guidelines – if you don’t have the time or experience to follow them, you can still send in what you have - because we want your photos!

  • If possible, avoid photos created with Web cameras or cell phones – even if they have the resolution, most don’t produce very clear images.
  • The best size for use in the print and on-line versions of the Menorah is a resolution of roughly 800 x 600. This would make a decent image on most monitors, and a fairly clean print up to 4 inches by 3 inches.
  • Lower resolution images can look pretty rough when printed or shown at a reasonable size on a monitor.
  • Larger images can be sent in, but they will have to be re-sized by the editors.
  • When saving the image select the higher "quality" option, if available. This keeps the maximum detail in the image. If you select something lower, the file size will be a lot smaller but the image can become very blocky and unnatural.
  • A photo will always lose quality when printed in the Menorah, so a good original (good contrast, good exposure, proper focus, less distracting background/clothing) is important.