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Social Action Shabbaton -January 15, 2011 by Claudine Schweber. Jewish involvement with the African-American community: Julius Rosenwald and the Jewish Commitment to African-American Education. Rosenwald funded thousands of schools across the South. 

Values TI Will Embrace in 2011:  "To Rise Before the Elderly" and "Friendly Greeings"  By Sue Catler and Joel Cohen.  Study of Mussar, a Jewish ethical and cultural movement, points TI in a new direction. TI to embrace these important Jewish values and incorporate them into congregational life. January 2011 Menorah.

Simple Guidelines on Submitting Photos to the Menorah

First, please note that these are just guidelines – if you don’t have the time or experience to follow them, you can still send in what you have - because we want your photos!

  • If possible, avoid photos created with Web cameras or cell phones – even if they have the resolution, most don’t produce very clear images.
  • The best size for use in the print and on-line versions of the Menorah is a resolution of roughly 800 x 600. This would make a decent image on most monitors, and a fairly clean print up to 4 inches by 3 inches.
  • Lower resolution images can look pretty rough when printed or shown at a reasonable size on a monitor.
  • Larger images can be sent in, but they will have to be re-sized by the editors.
  • When saving the image select the higher "quality" option, if available. This keeps the maximum detail in the image. If you select something lower, the file size will be a lot smaller but the image can become very blocky and unnatural.
  • A photo will always lose quality when printed in the Menorah, so a good original (good contrast, good exposure, proper focus, less distracting background/clothing) is important.

If in doubt, send what you have and we’ll work with you. Any questions contact the Menorah editors.