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What is the Meaning of Religious Experience | KN Presents Maxine Grossman

Kol Nashim invites you to a Maxine Grossman Talk

Sunday Morning, March 27th
10:15 a.m. till noon

What is the Meaning of Religious Experience

Tifereth Israel is a congregation that takes the concept of "religious experience" seriously. But what does this concept really mean? Do we experience religion through spirituality? Through a cognitive process? Through embodiment? This talk will address some of the academic definitions of "religious experience" and will raise the questions of how central "experience" is -- and should be! -- to religion.

Maxine Grossman is an associate professor in the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Maryland, where she also oversees the undergraduate minor in Religious Studies. Her work has long focused on the Dead Sea Scrolls, gender studies, and definitions of religion. More recently, she has begun working in the areas of cognitive studies of religion and religious experience.

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