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Ugandan Mirembe Abayudaya Coffee


The People Behind the Coffee

They named their coffee Mirembe Kawomera, which means, “Delicious Peace” in the Luganda language

TI sells coffee that comes from a Ugandan farmPhoto of steaming coffee
cooperative founded by Ugandan Jews, the
Abayudaya.  The co-op includes Jews, Muslims
and Christians in the management and operation
of the Shalom Coffee Co-op.

Mirembe Kawomera Coffee began with one man’s dream. In 2003, JJ Keki, a Ugandan (Abayudayan) coffee farmer, walked door to door asking his Jewish, Christian, and Muslim neighbors to put aside old differences and come together. Their community of third and fourth generation coffee farmers was struggling to make a living off the low prices offered by the local market. With the assistance of Laura Wetzler from the US-based organization Kulanu, these Jewish, Christian and Muslim farmers formed a cooperative to build lasting prosperity in their villages and to spread a message of peace throughout the world.

A minimum of $2.00 from every 12 oz. bag returns to the co-op, & a comparable amount for the 5 lb bags returns as well.


Ordering deadline – the 15th of the month
Coffee is then shipped to TI

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Available in either 'whole bean' or 'drip ground'

Coffees are Kosher Certified & Kosher for Pesach as well as
Fair Trade, Organic, and Decaf is Water Processed*

* Note - Water proccessed is not Ugandan coffee; coffee from a larger co-op is used, one that can handle the water process method


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