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Talmud Study with Rabbi Seidel


Talmud Trachate Brachot, In English

Twice (mostly) Monthly, Saturday Afternoons, 1:00 – 1:45 p.m.

This is a continuing course - future dates:
Dec 19, Jan 9, 30, Feb 13, 27, Mar 12, 26, Apr 9, May 7, 21, Jun 4, 25

Tractate Brachot is the first tractate of the Talmud, and also one of the most accessible. In addition to the normal “talmudic” discussions of halachah, there are also many enchanting stories and fables. Starting last spring, Rabbi Seidel, who has studied this entire tractate, has been teaching large pieces of it to those who are interested, approximately twice a month after lunch on Shabbat afternoons.

Even if you’ve never studied Talmud before­—especially if you’ve never studied Talmud before—you might enjoy dropping in on our ongoing reading of the last chapter of Tractate Brachot. We read the text in English (photocopies are provided, although folks are encouraged to buy the book, an English translation published by Koren), and discuss. We’ll probably spend much of the fall relishing a fascinating passage about dream interpretation which is, of course, about much more than dreams.

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