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Share Your Shabbat Dinner


With Newer TI Members
A Past Event


Image of Jewish homesWhat?: In the last two years we have had many people join Tifereth Israel. We have found that sharing a Shabbat dinner with current members is a wonderful way to welcome these new members and introduce them to others in the community. This gives them a way to meet veteran families and makes it more likely that they'll see a familiar face when they come to synagogue events. This year we have decided to try having all the new members invited to Shabbat dinner on the same day - April 24th.

We hope you will open your home to newer TI members for Shabbat dinner.

Why:  A great chance to meet TI members you may not already know while sharing good food and conversation.

When: Friday April 24, 2015

How to Sign Up:  Register by Tue Apr 14,

TI member volunteers will make the match and send you your dinner information.  We will match hosts and guests with similar dietary and Kashrut needs.  If you'd like, we'll also make an effort to find guests with similar-aged children.

Questions? Contact TIMembership@Tifereth-Israel.org