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Shalem | Writing Bathsheba's Story


December 12th, Kiddush and Shalem at 1;15 p.m.

We welcome author and scholar, Dr. Ann Saab

After a long Midrashic engagement with the story of Bathsheba and David, Dr. Saab recently finished her novel "Bathsheba's Book."  The novel fills in the gaps in II Samuel to tell a nuanced story of family drama, politics, and prophetic manipulation, with Bathsheba moving from naïve country girl to powerful Queen Mother.  The talk will focus on the interpretive decisions Dr. Saab faced, and how she used her imagination, her experience of living in the Middle East, and her historical research to create a striking novel.

Dr. Saab is Professor Emeritus of History at UNCG. She has served as Associate Dean of the UNCG Graduate School and Head of the History Department. Her research interests focus on cross-cultural understanding and misunderstandings.

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