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Movie Night at TI

Gevarim at Tifereth Israel sponsors a Jewish-themed movie series for the enjoyment and enhancement of the TI community. Features range from dramas to comedies to documentaries, from the newly released to the silent, and from made-for-theaters to made-for-TV.

Most are produced in the U.S. or Israel. All non-English-speaking films have subtitles.

Typically, one movie is shown one Sunday a month at 7:30 p.m, or otherwise noted. Each movie is followed by discussion of 20-30 minutes.

The movie is free and snacks and drinks are available for a $4 donation.

Upcoming Movies

  • December 24   Chinese Food and Movies

5:00 PM: Hava Nagila (The Movie) is a documentary romp through the history, mystery and meaning of the great Jewish standard. Featuring interviews with Harry Belafonte, Leonard Nimoy, Connie Francis, Glen Campbell, Regina Spektor and more, the film follows the ubiquitous party song on its fascinating journey from the shtetls of Eastern Europe to the kibbutzim of Palestine to the cul-de-sacs of America. High on fun and entertainment, Hava Nagila (The Movie) is also surprisingly profound, tapping into universal themes about the importance of joy, the power of music and the resilient spirit of a people.

7:30 PM: Duck Soup (Marx Brothers)
8:45 PM: The Producers (Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, directed by Mel Brooks)

An Israeli woman (Ronit Elkabetz) seeking to finalize a divorce (gett) from her estranged husband finds herself effectively put on trial by her country's religious marriage laws, in this powerhouse courtroom drama from sibling directors Shlomi and Ronit Elkabetz.  In Israel, there is neither civil marriage nor civil divorce; only Orthodox rabbis can legalize a union or its dissolution, which is only possible with the husband's full consent. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Viviane Amsalem has been applying for a divorce for three years but her religiously devout husband Elisha (Simon Abkarian of CASINO ROYALE and PERSEPOLIS), continually refuses. His cold intransigence, Viviane's determination to fight for her freedom, and the ambiguous role of the rabbinical judges shape a procedure where tragedy vies with absurdity and everything is brought out into the open for judgment.  Discussant: Rabbi Ethan Seidel

Nazis, Jews and Hollywood -- The Early 1940s: Evolving from Silence to Voice. A look at a succession of Hollywood efforts to describe Nazi persecutions.

  • February 21: The Great Dictator    1940   124 mins
    • A political satire-drama--Charlie Chaplin plays both Tomanian despot Adenoid Hynkel (the film’s Hitler surrogate) and a Jewish barber who, after years in a military hospital post-WWI, returns home only to discover that he’s now living in a brutal, anti-Semitic police state. 
  • March 6: To Be Or Not To Be     1942   99 mins
    • A comedy directed by Jewish emigre Ernst Lubitsch, about a troupe of actors (led by Jack Benny) in Nazi-occupied Warsaw who use their abilities at disguise and acting to protect the underground resistance from the occupying troops.
  • April 10: Casablanca     1942   102 mins
    • Directed by Jewish emigre Michael Curtiz and written by Jewish-Americans Julius and Philip Epstein and Howard Koch. An American expatriate, Humphrey Bogart, must choose between his love for Ingrid Bergman and helping her Czech resistance leader husband, Paul Henreid, escape Vichy-controlled Morocco to continue his fight against the Nazis.
  • May 8: Hangmen Also Die!    1943   134 mins
    • Directed by Fritz Lang based on a story by Bertolt Brecht about the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, "The Hangman of Prague," number-two man in the SS, and the chair of the Wannsee Conference that formally organized the Final Solution.

Hollywood and Anti-Semitism: The Late 1940s

  • June 5: Crossfire (1947) 86 minutes
    • "Stark, claustrophobic thriller about an anti-Semitic soldier who kills a Jewish war veteran, evading detection because of his loyal friends' protection. However, a detective is determined that the crime will not go unsolved and sets about laying a trap for the murderer."
  • July 17: Gentleman's Agreement (1947) 118 minutes
    • A 1947 drama about a journalist (Gregory Peck) who poses as a Jew to research a report on anti-Semitism. Best Picture winner.


Prior Movie Schedule for 2015

Jan   A Serious Man    Comedy-Drama    U.S.    2009    106 mins

Feb   Caesar's Writers   U.S.   1996   116 mins
            Short: "Gallipacci" (Caesar's take on "Pagliacci"), 1955, 14 mins

Mar   Conspiracy

Apr    Hitler's Children

May   The Gates Opened    U.S.    2005    20 mins

Jun   Jerusalem: Center of the Universe    120 mins

Jul      Above and Beyond  

Aug     Nicky's Family     Documentary     2013

Sep      One Day After Peace   

Oct    Arguing the World     1998       106 mins

       Nov The Dybbuk     1937    Yiddish with subtitles    108 mins

Prior Movie Schedule for 2014

Jan    The Band's Visit (Bikur Ha Tizmoret)    Comedy-Drama    Israel    2007    87 mins

Feb    Sholem Aleicheim: Laughing in the Darkness    Documentary    U.S.    2011    93 mins

Mar    Footnote (Hearat Shulayim)    Drama-Comedy    Israel    2011    103 mins

Mar    Advent of Talkies
          The Night Court    Comedy-Musical    U.S.    1927    10 mins 
         The Jazz Singer    Drama-Musical    U.S.    1927    88 mins

Apr    Imaginary Witness:  Hollywood and the Holocaust    Documentary  U.S.  2004    92 mins   

May    Yiddish Theater
          A Cantor on Trial    Comedy-Musical    U.S.    1931    11 mins
          Yosl Cutler and his Puppets    Performance    U.S.    1935    18 mins
          Schmud    Semi-Documentary    Israel    2010    56 mins

Jun    Focus    Drama    U.S.    2001    106 mins

Jul    When Jews were Funny    Documentary    U.S.    2014    89 mins

Sep   Sister Rose's Passion    Documentary    U.S.    2004    39 mins

          Constantine's Sword    Documentary   U.S.    2007    96 mins

Oct    Ushpizin  (in conjunction with Sukkot)  Drama    Israel    2004    90 mins

Nov    The Golem     Germany    1920    91 mins

Dec      Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy    Documentary

Dec    The Big Lebowski    Comedy-Drama   U.S.    1998    117 mins

Prior Movie Schedule for 2013

Nov   Fill in the Void (Lemale et ha'ala)    Drama    Israel     2012    90 mins

Dec    The Gatekeepers    Documentary    Israel    2012    101 mins