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KN Presents | Pita and Flatbreads with Jessica


Pita bakingSunday Morning October 18
9:15 a.m. till noon

With Jessica Weissman

Kol Nashim is proud to present Jessica Weissman in a new baking demo and hands on experience for the participants. We announce "Flatbreads and Pita."  All would be bakers are welcome.

Foccacia, fougasse, naan, pita, socca, chappati, matzah, maneesh, tortillas, arepas.  These are a few of the best-known flatbreads from around the world.  Some use yeast, and some are unleavened. Some are lean, some incorporate oil or milk or yogurt.  You can bake them on a stone or sheet, you can cook them on a griddle or a frying pan, and you can even grill them on your barbecue.  We'll try out a few representative types using different techniques, and we may even have time for some impromptu crackers.  You'll leave with an understanding of how ingredients, shaping, and time affect the outcome.

Please let us know in advance if you plan on attending so we know how many to prepare for.  If you forget, come anyway.

RSVP to KNRsvp@Tifereth-Israel.org