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A Family Service

Multiple Times per year at TI

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It's All About The Kids

What is a Family Service?

The Family Service is a chance for all theTI households with students in grades K-6 to celebrate Shabbat as a community.

The service is heavily abridged and is primarily led by K-6th graders with Eitan Gutin serving as the MC. Students can lead as much or as little as they are comfortable and prayers are usually led by multiple students singing together.

Roles for Children

If you would like to see what parts are available, or you would like to check if your child has signed up, please click here to view the list of parts and leaders and add members of your own family to the list. (navigate using the tabs on the bottom of the page). If you find a part your child would like to lead just add his or her name to the list. Remember that we often have more than one child lead each part of the service.

It's not just about the kids − We need Parent volunteers as well –  Volunteer today!

We are looking for parents to serve as greeters, ushers, stage managers, and overall helpers. We would also love to have parent gabbais and leaders.


Thank you to the teen members of TI USY / Kadims'a
TEAM TEFILLAH for chairing the service.

Email Eitan@Tifereth-Israel.org - Eitan Gutin
Director of Lifelong Learning
for more information on our Family Service