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Cemetery Trustees - TI Cemeteries


TI's Cemetery Trustees are responsible for the care and maintenance of TI's two cemeteries: Mt. Lebanon and Elesvetegrad. Our Mt. Lebanon section is located in Adelphi, Maryland. Elesvetegrad is in Southeast DC, east of the Anacostia River. Elesvetegrad is the older of the two and only has a few unoccupied graves. Mt. Lebanon, which TI purchased in 1947, is about half occupied. Addresses and Google maps are provided below.

Single Point of Service

When a TI congregant dies, the Funeral Practices Committee makes funeral arrangements for the family relieving them of a major burden. Historically, if the family hadn't arranged for opening and closing of the grave, they had to deal with the cemetery. The trustees changed this policy. Now TI purchases "openings and closings" in advance at reduced prices and the TI office deals with the cemetery, so the family doesn't have to go to the cemetery between the death and burial. This makes TI one of the few congregations that shields its members from dealing with a funeral home and cemetery at the time of death.

When Death Occurs

The Funeral Practices Committee and the Cemetery Trustees collaborated on a brochure, When Death Occurs, which is a comprehensive guide to the congregation's funeral and cemetery practices and policies as well as a short guide to Jewish funeral and mourning rituals. See all Committee pulbications.

Trustees' Responsibilities

The trustees have several duties which include:

  • Overseeing the pricing and sale of cemetery plots,
  • Administering the cemetery fund which pays for any cemetery related expenses,
  • Insuring proper cemetery maintenance and
  • Overseeing the cemetery record-tracking system.

TI's Executive Director carries out their policies and administers day to day relations with both cemeteries.

Trustees' Activities

The trustees recently acted to improve service to the congregation through several initiatives.

New Tree Screen

One side of our section at Mt. Lebanon is close to Adelphi Road. When TI first purchased the section, Adelphi Road was a rural lane. Today, it is a busy, noisy thoroughfare, creating an undesirable situation. Recently TI negotiated an agreement with Mt. Lebanon to plant a tree screen between our section and Adelphi road. This will greatly decrease noise and visually improve the section's setting The trees will be 8-foot evergreens that will reach 25 feet in height. Mt. Lebanon will be responsible for upkeep.

Cemetery Improvements Planning

Since the 1940s, we have used about half of our Mt. Lebanon section. That half is bascially flat, but the remainder includes a hillside. The trustees have begun a process to insure that the remaining area is suitable and attractive for our use. We have asked a noted cemetery planner to review our situation. This is not an unusual situation for cemteries. We expect Mt. Lebanon to bare the full cost of the planning review and subsequent work.  

Cemtery Fund Management

All revenue from cemetery plot sales goes into the cemetery fund, which under TI's constitution may only be used for cemetery purposes. The fund is now used almost exclusively to pay for the care of Elesvetegrad. Several years ago, Mt. Lebanon lost a civil suit and must now provide perpetual care at its own expense. The trustees deal directly with SCI, Mt. Lebanon's management company. Elesvetegrad is managed by a board that represents the organizations (including TI) with plots in the cemetery.

Cemetery Images

cemetery.image1__0.jpgThe trustees have put photographs of each Mt. Lebanon tombstone up on a TI website, tifereth.phanfare.com, and are entering identifying information, name, dates and location for each grave. This allows the office to show families or prospective buyers exactly where their plot is located, is a source of genealogical information, and makes it easy for the office to document conditions in the cemetery such as fallen markers.

Location of Cemeteries

Mt. Lebanon - 9500 Riggs Rd, Adelphi, MD  20783
Elesvetegrad - Cemetery Association & DC Hebrew Beneficial Assoc., 5233 15th Pl., SE, Washington, DC 20020

Mt. Lebanon Cemetery




Elesvetegrad Cemetery