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Book of Kings | Intermediate and Advanced Hebrew Classes

King Solomon

Taught by Rabbi Seidel

Kings is the ninth book of the Hebrew Bible and the fourth book in the Prophets (Nevi'im), the second section of the Hebrew Bible. Kings tells the story of the Kingdoms of Israel and of Judah from the beginning of King Solomon's reign (roughly 960 B.C.E.) until the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE. The first eleven chapters of Kings deal with Solomon. After Solomon's death, the united monarchy of Israel split in two: ten of the tribes of Israel left the rule of Solomon, and established a rival kingdom in the North [the southern kingdom’s capital remained in Jerusalem].

– Former from an article at My Jewish Learning

Advanced and Commentaries

Requires a solid grasp of Biblical Hebrew and a willingness to wrestle with Rabbinic Hebrew.

Friday mornings • 11:00  am  • More on course • Rabbi’s office

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Image courtesy of My Jewish Learning, King Solomon, 1872 or 1874,
by Simeon Solomon.