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Be the Wise Child at your Seder | Origins, Parallels, Previous Generations

Sundays, April 3rd and 10th
10:15 till noon

By Rabbi Avis Miller

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Pesach wine and matzoh

Learn about the origins of the seder and the text of the Haggadah.
 Keep the kids involved and the grown-ups engaged, and come away with tips for creating a lively seder in your home!.
How did previous generations celebrate Pesach
and what are the parallels to Easter?
Avis gives her tips for creating a lively seder at your table!
These two classes will focus on the origins of the Seder and on the text of the Haggadah, illustrating how past generations celebrated the story of freedom. Uncovering layers in the development of the Haggadah, we will discover traces of the relationship between rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity, including parallels between Easter and Pesach. We will note historical circumstances that produced later additions to the text and will explore rituals and readings that reflect our experience as contemporary Jews.  

Rabbi Avis Miller is Rabbi Emerita of Adas Israel, and President of Open Dor Foundation, Inc.

$15 for each class for TI members and $18 for non-members
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Sponsored by Kol Nashim
"Engaging and Connecting the Women of TI"

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