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Funeral Practices - Ready to Help Members and Their Families

Always On Call - In Case of a Death

Tifereth Israel’s Funeral Practices Committee stands ready at all times to help arrange funerals for members and their dependents. Chaverim (members of the committee; singular: chaver are on call to provide counsel and services.

In case of a death

do not first contact a funeral home

How to contact us

During normal weekday office hours

Call the synagogue first (202) 882-1605. A staff member will contact the rabbi and one of the chaverim.

During evenings and weekends

Call one of the chaverim, whose names and telephone numbers are listed below:

Contact Names and Telephone Numbers

Contact NameHome NumberCell NumberWork Number
Shelly Heller
(301) 792-1063(301) 754-1963
Bruce Heppen(301) 299-3255(202) 997-1890(703) 417-8983
Marcia Goggin(301) 593-8480  
Naomi Revzin(301) 765-6272 
Robert Rovinsky
(202) 237-1036
(202) 815-8707


Full details on the role of chaverim, the contract funeral package, and traditional Jewish practices governing death, funerals, burial, and mourning may be found below.

There is also a form, Information Needed at the Time of Death, to be filled out, printed out in advance, and given to your family for safe keeping, as well as mailed to TI's Executive Director so that all of the necessary information will be at hand.

When Death Occurs: A Guide to Jewish Funerals, Burials, and Mourning Practices at TI  brochure (PDF),


A Funeral at TI

All funerals conducted at TI use the services of the Hines-Rinaldi Funeral Home in Silver Spring, under its contract with the Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington. This contract provides for a low-cost funeral fully consistent with Jewish halachah (religious law).

The chaver assigned will work with the family to make all funeral and burial arrangements, coordinating with the funeral home and cemetery as needed.  This relieves the family of burdensome financial and logistical details at a time of great emotional stress.  The family will not be billed for any costs until 30 days after burial.

TI Cemeteries

More information about TI's two cemeteries, Mt. Lebanon, and Elesavetgrad.

Please note

Members may use the services of another funeral home, but if they do they must make their own funeral arrangements.  They will not receive the services of TI chaverim, the funeral will not be held at Tifereth Israel, and the rabbi may not be available to conduct the funeral/burial services.