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Congregant Drashes

Whtat We have to say – Selected Drashot,
Dvar Tefila & Oher Items of Interest


Catholic Jewish Dialogue Today: The Long Road from Vatican II
What Issues Remain Between Catholics and Jews? (Word)
By Cynthia Peterman, December 3, 2012


Items of Interest

Jews and Major League Baseball by Paul Roitman Bardach
Collection of Passover Adapted Songs by Mark Berch (Word)
The Sefer Torah From Start To Finish, In Eight Parts by Mark Berch

A New Torah Is Created, Part 1
Problems, Problems, Part 2
How's That Spelled, Part 3
Why Did She Read It That Way, Part 4
Oddities In The Sefer Torah, Part 5
Dressed For Success, Part 6
101 Uses For The Sefer Torah, Part 7
The Sefer Torah Is Read, Part 8

Drashot, Dvar Tefila


God's Promised Land 11/16 by Mark Berch
Envisioning God's Presence 2/15 by Stan Dorn
Divine Justice or Divine Responsibility 1/15 by Bill Galston
Observance and the Covenant from an Atheist Perspective 11/14 by Sigfried Gold
Of Miketz and Menurkeys: some post-Thanksgivukkah food for thought 12/13 by Josh Furman
Drash Miriam's Voice by Franca Brilliant
Drash Blood Libel, Part 1 by Morris Rodenstein
Drash Blood Libel Notable Personalities, Part 2 by Morris Rodenstein
Hevruta: One Approach to Jewish Learning by Beverly Lehrer and Barbara White
First Day of Rosh Hashanah, Havurah Service by Robert Rovinsky
Women on the Bima: How TI Became Egalitarian by Barbara White
Why Pray by Mark Berch
What is the Meaning of Avasaynu? by Mark Berch
Jews In Colonial Rohode Island by Babs Abramowitz (PDF)
Mi She'berach - Refuah Shlemah by Madeline Nesse Z''L
Praying in Another Language by Mark Berch
Shema by Ann Kline
Young People Took the Lead at TI, Led to Egalitarianism, Informality by Howard White
What is A Bracha by Barbara White
The Binding of Isaac by Pierre Dugan
Judaism and Civility - "The "Other Side of Halaka" by Paul Roitman Bardack
Chanukah in America by Mark Berch
Shin, Mem, Ayin - Shema by Mark Berch
The Mourner's Kaddish by Iris Lav
Alenu Lishabayach by David Cohen
Mah Tovu by Mark Berch
Judaism and Civility - The "Other Side of Halaka" by Paul Roitman Bardack
Service for Taking the Torah Out of the Ark by Margery Auerbach
Kedusha by Rich Kruger
Mitsrayim by Mark Berch
Stubborn and Rebellious Youth by Morris Rodenstein
History of the Ethnicity of Jews in America by Cynthia Peterman
Where you Stand Depends on Where you Sit by Jane Gilbert
Visiting Ugandan Jews
by Karen Primack
Havdalah by Mark Berch
Psalm 34 by Myrna Goldman
The Maccabbees After the Rededication by Mark Berch
A Prayer for our Congregation by Paul Roitman Bardack
In the Days of Mattathias by Mark L. Berch
Letter From Jerusalem by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Drash Legumes (updated 11/2015)