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Cemetery Trustees - TI Cemeteries


Cemetery Trustees TI's Cemetery Trustees are responsible for the care and maintenance of TI's two cemeteries: Mt. Lebanon and Elesavetgrad. Mt. Lebanon is located within George Washington Cemeteries in Adelphi, Maryland. Elesavetgrad is in Southeast DC, east of the Anacostia River. Elesavetgrad is the older of the two and only has a few unoccupied graves. Most TI burials are at Mt. Lebanon which has many available plots. See below for more information about these two cemeteries.

TI has one to five Cemetery Trustees, whose one-year terms of service which can be renewed annually. The Trustees are responsible for managing and supervising the business affairs of the cemetery properties of the Congregation. They plan, implement, and coordinate related activities, both in the interests of the Congregation and the users of these cemetery properties.

Single Point of Service

When a TI congregant dies, the Funeral Practices Committee works with the family concerning funeral arrangements. While the Funeral Practices will work to alleviate most stressful arrangements for the family, Mount Lebanon requires that a family member go to the cemetery, identify the plot and typical pay for the grave liner and for the opening and closing of the grave.

When Death Occurs

The Funeral Practices Committee and the Cemetery Trustees collaborated on a brochure, When Death Occurs, which is a comprehensive guide to the congregation's funeral and cemetery practices and policies as well as a short guide to Jewish funeral and mourning rituals. 

The Cemtery Fund

All revenue from cemetery plot sales goes into the cemetery fund, which under TI's constitution may only be used for cemetery purposes. The fund is now used almost exclusively to pay for the care of Elesavetgrad. Several years ago, Mt. Lebanon lost a civil suit and must now provide perpetual care at its own expense. The trustees deal directly with SCI, Mt. Lebanon's management company. Elesavetgrad is managed by a board that represents the organizations (including TI) with plots in the cemetery.

Location of Cemeteries

Mt. Lebanon Cemetery - 9500 Riggs Rd, Adelphi, MD  20783

Elesavetgrad Cemetery - 5233 15th Pl., SE, Washington, DC 20020

Mt. Lebanon Cemetery




Elesvetegrad Cemetery