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Friday Night Family Service and Dinner

Firday Night Family Shabbat and Dinner

Friday June 6th

RSVP by June 5th midnight

6 p.m. Dinner   6:30 p.m. Service

End the School year with song and food

Prepare with melodies we will use in the service

Even if you can not make it to the service we would love to have you join us for dinner. The dinner will include stories and songs led by Eitan Gutin, the Director of Lifelong Learning.

The Family Service isn't about the kids; It isn't about the parents either; Instead the Family Service is about anyone who wishes to sharing in the leading of the services and meal.

The Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv services contain many opportunities to lead both long and short prayers; we will be calling up kids and parents who know parts of the service to help us out throughout the evening.

Dinner $18 for each adult, $13 for each child aged 8-12, and $8 for children 3-7. Our Family maximum is $60 per household for this dinner.

RSVP by June 2nd.

For more information email the TI Office, TIAdmin@Tifereth-Israel.org  




Share Your Shabbat Dinner


With Newer TI Members
A Past Event


Image of Jewish homesWhat?: In the last two years we have had many people join Tifereth Israel. We have found that sharing a Shabbat dinner with current members is a wonderful way to welcome these new members and introduce them to others in the community. This gives them a way to meet veteran families and makes it more likely that they'll see a familiar face when they come to synagogue events. This year we have decided to try having all the new members invited to Shabbat dinner on the same day - April 24th.

We hope you will open your home to newer TI members for Shabbat dinner.

Why:  A great chance to meet TI members you may not already know while sharing good food and conversation.

When: Friday April 24, 2015

How to Sign Up:  Register by Tue Apr 14,

TI member volunteers will make the match and send you your dinner information.  We will match hosts and guests with similar dietary and Kashrut needs.  If you'd like, we'll also make an effort to find guests with similar-aged children.

Questions? Contact TIMembership@Tifereth-Israel.org




Creating Safe Spaces in the Jewish Community for LGBTQ Youth


Sunday Morning June 1st, 10:15 - noon

Rabbi Sarah Meytin

Creating safe places

Join us for the fourth in the series, "Women Rabbis of Tifereth lsrael,"
sponsored by
Kol Nashim.

Rabbi Sarah Meytin will talk about Rockville Open House, a program she founded as a safe space for LGBTQ Jewish teens and their allies. She will give a background on the program, why she felt compelled to start it, and the importance of such a program for the Jewish community.

Ordained at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in 2004, Rabbi Sarah Meytin earned a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania prior to beginning her Rabbinic studies. In 2009 Rabbi Meytin founded Rockville Open House, and has developed a workshop for preschools on welcoming gender non-conforming children.

She has worked as the Assistant Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, as a preschool teacher, and is currently the Assistant Director of Gan HaYeled, the preschool at Adas Israel Congregation.

TI Adult Education

To RSVP, or to find out more information, please contact 
the TI Office and Sheri Blonder at  TiAdmin@Tifereth-Israel.org

Sponsored by Kol Nashim 



A Havdalah Potluck

TI Havdalah Service and a Potluck

  Logo of HavdalahA Past Event - occurs semi-annually at TI

Please bring a dairy or pareve item for eight people to share.

This is a lovely TI tradition and a relaxed way to get to know and visit with other congregants. Members - check the ShulCloud directory
for the Kefer's address. Prospective members are cordially invited too (contact the office for location information).

Questions? Contact TIMembership@Tifereth-Israel.org


Religious School Open House

Sunday May 11th, 9:15 a.m. - noon

Our schools are open to both members and non-members

Open House Invitation - Details and RSVP Aleph

Come with your children to TI's Himmelfarb School Open House on Sunday, May 11, 9:15am - noon.  There are activities and treats for future students and parents and free babysitting for younger siblings.  Synagogue membership is not required. Older students are welcome.

If you are leaning towards membership, our Membership Package includes tuition savings.
Do you have friends with children who have not yet connected to a synagogue? Please forward the above Open House invitation to them.


Contact Eitan Gutin, Director of Lifelong Learning,
Eitan@Tifereth-Israel.org for more information
,  (202) 882-1605 x105





Moving from Aging to Saging

Class Starts March 9

Open to members and non-members

March 9, 16, 23 and 30, from 4:00 to 6:00.

Sign-up Online

Are you at a point in your life where you have the time to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future? Would you like the chance to discuss in a small group what some of the blessings and challenges of this stage of life are for you? If so, come join a group of other adults who are interested in looking at where their lives have taken them, harvesting the wisdom they’ve acquired, and looking forward to their next steps.

This will be a small group, so that everyone can have time to speak. The classes will include a balance of lecture, whole group discussion, guided meditation, journaling about selected topics, and discussion in pairs. The classes are based on the work of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in his book Age-ing to Sage-ing®, as well as concepts and methods developed later by him and others.

The class will meet at Tifereth Israel on Sunday afternoons.

My first career was in early childhood education; now that I am getting older I am focusing on the later stages of life. At first I didn’t want to admit that I am aging, and then my teacher, Rabbi Nadya Gross, with whom I studied Women’s Wisdom, suggested that I might be interested in the Sage-ing program. She was right – when I took the first part of the Age-ing to Sage-ing® class offered through ALEPH (Alliance for Jewish Renewal), I found that this material gave me valuable insights into my own aging process, and showed me how important it is to have a group of peers with whom to discuss these topics. Now I am enrolled in the Age-ing to Sage-ing® Mentorship Program and I’d like you to join me in exploring our experiences on this interesting phase of life.
Rabbi Devorah (Diana) Lynn, who is enrolled in the next ALEPH Sage-ing classes, will sit in on the class as my assistant.

The cost for the series is $40 for members of TI; $48 for non-members

Please reply to me at msumka at gmail dot com if you have questions about the class.

Sign-up today for the class.



Book of Kings | Advanced Hebrew Class

King Solomon

Taught by Rabbi Seidel

Kings is the ninth book of the Hebrew Bible and the fourth book in the Prophets (Nevi'im), the second section of the Hebrew Bible. Kings tells the story of the Kingdoms of Israel and of Judah from the beginning of King Solomon's reign (roughly 960 B.C.E.) until the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE. The first eleven chapters of Kings deal with Solomon. After Solomon's death, the united monarchy of Israel split in two: ten of the tribes of Israel left the rule of Solomon, and established a rival kingdom in the North [the southern kingdom’s capital remained in Jerusalem].

– Former from an article at My Jewish Learning


Rabbinic Commentaries - Advanced Hebrew

Note: Class requires a solid grasp of Biblical Hebrew, and a willingness
to wrestle with Rabbinic Hebrew.

Fridays • 11 a.m. • Starts March 14 - goes through June 15

TI Adult Education

To RSVP, or to find out more information, please contact 
the Office, TIAdmin@Tifereth-Israel.org


Image courtesy of My Jewish Learning, King Solomon, 1872 or 1874,
by Simeon Solomon.


Turning Ageing into Sageing


What does it mean to grow old?

Past Event at TI

By Michele Sumka and Rabbi Devorah Lynn

What does it mean to grow old? Can one prepare consciously for the challenges ahead? Is there any advantage to that, since we don't know how our lives will turn out? Do we have regrets, and is there anything we can do about them? What is the meaning of our successes and failures? What is the legacy we would like to leave the next generation?

This class will help us address these questions and more. It will include discussions
and exercises designed to help us look back at our life​ ​experiences, learn lessons
from them, and determine whether we want to make any changes in how we are
living our lives. 

The program incorporates self-reflection, guided writing, and the study of Jewish
texts on the wisdom that can come with the aging process.

 This five-session class is based on the work of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z”l. The teachers are Michele Sumka and Rabbi Devorah Lynn.

Michele has a Master’s of Education degree and has recently become a certified Sage-ing® Facilitator. She is also enrolled in the ALEPH Ordination Program in Jewish Spiritual Direction. Michele has worked as a Preschool Educator and Reiki Master in the U.S. and in Kenya, Bosnia and Israel.

Rabbi Devorah was ordained in 2006 by HUC-JIR, NYC.  She led Beth Sholom Temple in Fredericksburg, VA for six years.  Devorah is now studying Sage-ing® with ALEPH, Meditation Teacher Training with the Institute of Jewish Spirituality, and is in a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) cohort at the Hebrew Home.

To find out more information, please email 

Michele, msumka at gmail dot com or
Devorah, dlynn1951 at gmail dot com



Book of Proverbs | What Can We Learn


Image of Book of Proverbs

By Barbara White
Six session course

The biblical Book of Proverbs contains much more than pithy sayings. What is this text telling us? What is the role of the Book of Proverbs in Judaism? We’ll approach these and other questions through chevruta study (i.e., working together in pairs) and class discussion of a number of Proverbs. Handouts will be from the new translation by Robert Alter. The Hebrew text will be available as well.

Barbara White, a TI member, has taught many classes at the Jewish Study Center, including Basic Judaism and explorations of various aspects of prayer. She has taught several adult B’nei Mitzvah classes at Fabrangen and has presented a TI Shalem program on the poetry of Shirley Kaufman.

Monday evenings, Jan. 6, 13, 27, 10, 17, 24 • 7:30 p.m. • Open to all, no cost

TI Adult Education

To RSVP or to find out more information contact Barbara White,
at bmwhite at erols dot com.






TI Sells Coffee | Jewish Muslim Christian Co-op


Ugandan Mirembe Abayudaya Coffee


The People Behind the Coffee

They named their coffee Mirembe Kawomera, which means, “Delicious Peace” in the Luganda language

TI sells coffee that comes from a Ugandan farmPhoto of steaming coffee
cooperative founded by Ugandan Jews, the
Abayudaya.  The co-op includes Jews, Muslims
and Christians in the management and operation
of the Shalom Coffee Co-op.

Mirembe Kawomera Coffee began with one man’s dream. In 2003, JJ Keki, a Ugandan (Abayudayan) coffee farmer, walked door to door asking his Jewish, Christian, and Muslim neighbors to put aside old differences and come together. Their community of third and fourth generation coffee farmers was struggling to make a living off the low prices offered by the local market. With the assistance of Laura Wetzler from the US-based organization Kulanu, these Jewish, Christian and Muslim farmers formed a cooperative to build lasting prosperity in their villages and to spread a message of peace throughout the world.

A minimum of $2.00 from every 12 oz. bag returns to the co-op, & a comparable amount for the 5 lb bags returns as well.


Ordering deadline – the 15th of the month
Coffee is then shipped to TI

Reserve Your Aromatic Coffees – Click & Order Online

Available in either 'whole bean' or 'drip ground'

Coffees are Kosher Certified & Kosher for Pesach as well as
Fair Trade, Organic, and Decaf is Water Processed*

* Note - Water proccessed is not Ugandan coffee; coffee from a larger co-op is used, one that can handle the water process method


 Fair Trade ImageKashrut imageWater Processed ImageUSDA Organic image

      Brought to you by Social Action TI