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The Jewish Museum | What? Why? For Whom?


Saturday June 18, 1:15 p.m.

Panel discussion with:

Christiane Bauer, Curator, Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington

Karen Falk, Jewish Museum of Maryland

Laura Schiavo, Assistant Professor, Museum Studies, The George Washington University

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Jessica Weissman at TIShalem@Tifereth-Israel.org

Jewish Meditation

Creating Your Own Jewish Meditation Practice 

Izabella Tabarovsky

June 8, 15, 22, 29, 7:15-8:30 p.m. 
People can come for individual sessions or the whole set of classes. 
The cost for Gevarim/Kol Nashim is $30 for the set or $10 per session. All others – $45 for the set or $15 per session. 

Photo of Meditation Teacher

Back by popular request, Izabella will guide discussion and meditations that deepen Jewish spiritual practice. Sources include the Torah, Talmud, Kabbalah and Hasidut. No prior experience necessary. 

Founder of the Center for Embodied Judaism, Izabella teaches Jewish approaches to meditation, prayer, and embodied worship in the greater Washington area. 

Each session will have a study and discussion portion and a guided meditation part to try out and experience new ideas and techniques. The first session will build on Izabella's March 19 introductory session at TI.

Register for classes here.

June 8  

  • Is there really such a thing as Jewish meditation? An overview
  • Meditation vs. prayer
  • Meditation in the Bible: forefathers' meditations, prophetic experiences, revelation

June 15

  •  Meditation in Kabbalah and Chasidut
  • "Bringing down the flow"
  • Living in the awareness of God's presence

June 22

  • "Pour your heart out to God": Reb Nahman's meditations
  • Weather permitting, we will try to meet at a spot outdoors for this session. Please be in touch with the organizers for more details

June 29

  • Meditations of the traditional siddur prayers and observances: movement, sound, herbal fragrance, imagery





Sponsored by Gevarim

Questions? Please contact
Andrew Reamer at TIGevarim@Tifereth-Israel.org






Pirkei Avot Classes


Sunday Mornings, 11:15 – 12:15
By Rabbi Ethan Seidel

May 8, 15, 22, 29; June 5


Imagine a scrapbook containing 400 years worth of wisdom from the leaders of each generation of Jews and you come close to grasping just what Pirkei Avot represents. From Shimon HaTzaddik in 200 BCE to Yehuda HaNasi in 200 CE, Pirkei Avot relates wisdom from multiple generations to the rabbis who crafted the foundations of Jewish Law as it exists today. This spring, Rabbi Seidel will teach sections of Pirkei Avot on Sunday mornings between Pesach and Shavuot. Please note that the texts will be read in translation, there is no experience necessary, and while weekly attendance is encouraged, it is not essential to being part of the discussion.

Sponsored by TI Adult Education

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Jessica Weissman at TIShalem@Tifereth-Israel.org


Full Moon Hike

Sunday, July 9, 8:30 p.m.


Phases of the moon

Meet at intersection of Juniper St. and the Park  at 8:30 p.m.

Chocolate treats at half way point.

Hikers should bring a flashlight.

Wear good footwear.

For more information contact John List
Email  listfam at gmail dot com






Special Shabbat | CESJDS 50th Anniversary


Saturday June 11,  Special Shabbat Service
50th Anniversary Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

Tifereth Israel Congregation is hosting a special Shabbat service on June 11 to help the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School mark its 50th anniversary. We are one of many congregations hosting Shabbat services, honoring congregants who are or have been affiliated with CESJDS. 
We encourage all congregants who are current and alumni members of the JDS community to attend this special Shabbat service. 
We would like to create a handout to list everyone who has been involved in CESJDS in one way or another - students, parents, grandparents, staff.  Please let us know of your CESJDS connection
We would like to have as many CESJDS parents and alumni involved in the service as possible. If you would like to leyn on June 11th, please email Simcha Kuritzky at kuritzky at cgifederal dot com. If you would like to lead a service - Shacharit, Torah Service or Musaf - email Rabbi Seidel
Finally, donations would be very much appreciated, to help support the Kiddush luncheon that day.
Questions? Please contact 

Lynne Snyder at lpsnyder at starpower dot net


New and Prospective Member Party

Join us on August 19th



Past Event

Join us 
for Wine and Cheese

Find out why TI is a harmony of people.

Meet the Rabbi – Meet other members!

Childcare is available.

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Advancing Shared Society in Israel | Shalem


Saturday Afternoon  May 21, Shalem, 1:15 p.m.

The TI Israel Committee in partnership with New Israel Fund Presents:
Breaking down Barriers. Creating Opportunities – Advancing Shared Society in Israel
TI Wecomes: Ron Gerlitz and Rawnak Natour,
Co-Directors of Sikkuy – the Association  for the Advancement of Civic Equality


What could Israel look like as a shared society? And what are the opportunities and challenges to truly achieving it?  Join New Israel Fund for a conversation about how American progressives, and our partners in Israel, are working to reclaim Israel’s founders’ liberal and democratic vision. Hear about what is done on the ground to advance a vision of an Israel where all citizens—Jewish and Arab alike—have an equal voice and an equal stake in the country’s future

Rawnak Natour, Co-Director of Sikkuy, was born in Kalanswa and received her BA in community social work and MA in early childhood education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she was active in the Arab student’s association. For a number of years she worked on the Shatil team advancing equal rights and coordinated the project for special education for the Arab community.  She has 20 years of experience in a wide range of fields in social activism and human and civil rights. Among these activities, she led, managed and participated in projects to advance equal rights in employment, education and against discrimination. In recent years, Rawnak held a wide range of managerial positions in frameworks to advance employment opportunities for educated immigrants in Denmark.

 Ron Gerlitz, Co-Director of Sikkuy, is an expert on Jewish-Arab relations in Israel and frequently writes op-eds about the status of relations between the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel and between Arab citizens and the state. Ron is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a B.Sc. in mathematics and computer science and an MA in public policy, both magna cum laude. He began his professional career in hi-tech, working for six years as software and algorithm team leader, both in Israel and in Silicon Valley. Before joining Sikkuy, Ron was a project manager at the Israel Venture Network. He took part in developing strategies and implementing projects advancing local economic development in the periphery, both in the Jewish and Arab sectors.

Sikkuy – The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality is a civil society organization shared by Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel. Founded in 1991, Sikkuy’s mission is to promote full equality in all fields and on all levels between the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and the Jewish citizens. It has a shared Jewish and Arab board of directors, co-chairs, co-executive directors. 

Questions? Please contact 
Ray Natter at Rnttr at verizon dot net


Shalem | 100 Years of TI in 45 Minutes


Saturday, May 21st
Kiddush after Services, and Shalem at 1:15 p.m.

We welcome TI member Cynthia Peterman

Cynthia Peterman and her team take us through highlights of TI’s last hundred years and preview plans for the Centennial celebration.

Cynthia is the former chairperson of the Jewish history department of the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, where she taught high school Jewish history for 22 years. Cynthia was also the Education Director of Tifereth Israel from 1986 to 1992. Currently Cynthia directs The Jewish Teacher Project, an online portal that organizes internet resources for Jewish Studies teachers.

Sponsored by TI Adult Education

Questions? Please contact
Jessica Weissman at TIShalem@Tifereth-Israel.org


Gun Violence America's Plague | Shalem


Saturday, April 2nd
Kiddush after Services, and Shalem at 1:15 p.m.

We welcome Mr. Daniel Vice

The Talmud teaches us that" a person who takes one life it is as though that person has destroyed the universe." The carelessness with which human life is taken by guns stands in direct violation of this affirmation of our tradition. More people in our country have been killed by gun violence than all those who have lost their lives in American Wars since the Revolutionary War in 1776. The Talmud also says that a person who saves one life it is as though that person has saved the universe. We need to heed  our tradition and work together to end gun violence and build safer communities.

Daniel R. Vice worked at the Legal Action Project of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence from 2001-2012 and was the Center’s Senior Attorney.  The Brady Center is the nation’s largest non-partisan, grassroots organization leading the fight to prevent gun violence.  The Legal Action Project provides pro bono representation to gun violence victims and works to hold the gun industry accountable for the distribution of guns to criminals and the unsafe design of guns.  The Legal Action Project also conducts research for its Gun Industry Watch program, exposing gun industry practices that funnel firearms to criminals. 

Mr. Vice represented families of gun violence victims in courts across the country.  He successfully litigated cases including one on behalf of victims of the Washington, D.C.-area sniper attacks, achieving a record $2.5 million settlement by the gun dealer and assault weapon manufacturer that armed the shooters.  Mr. Vice has also filed amicus briefs defending gun laws in the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal and state courts. Mr. Vice has been interviewed on television, radio, and in newspapers concerning the Brady Center’s gun litigation and gun policy, appearing on CNN, CBS, Fox News, the Colbert Report, and other national and local news stations. Mr. Vice graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. in 1994 and New York University School of Law in 1997.  He clerked for Judge Frank E. Schwelb in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and worked at public interest law firms in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.  He currently works as a Trial Attorney at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Questions? Please contact
Larry Baizer at  TISocialAction@Tifereth-Israel.org


Be the Wise Child at your Seder | Origins, Parallels, Previous Generations

Sundays, April 3rd and 10th
10:15 till noon

By Rabbi Avis Miller

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We need a minimum of seven people per session to make this happen!

Pesach wine and matzoh

Learn about the origins of the seder and the text of the Haggadah.
 Keep the kids involved and the grown-ups engaged, and come away with tips for creating a lively seder in your home!.
How did previous generations celebrate Pesach
and what are the parallels to Easter?
Avis gives her tips for creating a lively seder at your table!
These two classes will focus on the origins of the Seder and on the text of the Haggadah, illustrating how past generations celebrated the story of freedom. Uncovering layers in the development of the Haggadah, we will discover traces of the relationship between rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity, including parallels between Easter and Pesach. We will note historical circumstances that produced later additions to the text and will explore rituals and readings that reflect our experience as contemporary Jews.  

Rabbi Avis Miller is Rabbi Emerita of Adas Israel, and President of Open Dor Foundation, Inc.

$15 for each class for TI members and $18 for non-members
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Sponsored by Kol Nashim
"Engaging and Connecting the Women of TI"

Questions? Contact  TIKolNashim@Tifereth-Israel.org